Private Charges

Private Dental charges from June 2019

The charge you pay depends on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy. Each item of treatment – for example a filling, a crown, or an extraction is charged separately and the exact price depends on the complexity and options available. We have provided guide prices for treatment but your dentist will discuss the cost of your treatment following an Examination.

Exam 40
X-Ray 8
OPG 40
Prescription 10
Amalgam (silver coloured) 1 surface (small) 70
2-surface (medium) 100
3 surface (large) 125
Composite (tooth coloured) Incisal Buildup 85
1-surface (small) 110
2-surface (medium) 135
3-surface (large) 150
Recement Any type 40
Core (support for crown where tooth is insufficient) Core buildup See fillings – dentist will advise which size
Fibre post 70
Cast post 40
Inlay/Onlay Composite 310
Gold 320
Porcelain 490
Full Crown Porcelain bonded to inner metal jacket 400
Gold 400
Emax (superior aesthetics) 490
Ceramic, Per tooth Any type 420-440
Acrylic Single tooth 300
Upper or lower 380
Addition 75 first tooth
15 for each additional tooth
Chrome Chrome 700-750
Valplast flexible 1-4 teeth 500
5-8 teeth 700
Gum Shields
Sports mouthguard 150
Night guard (protection against grinding/bruxism) 150
Course (trays+4 tubes of gel) 350
Tray 85
Gel (prescription only) 30
Dentist RCT Single 200
  RCT multiroot 140 per canal
  Hygiene 48 per 30 minutes
  Extraction 120-150
  Periodontal treatment 100 per quadrant
Specialised provider Sedation 200 per hour
  Extraction 150 – 180
  RCT incisor 330
  RCT pre-molar 425
  RCT multiroot 600
  RCT re-treat incisor 400
  RCT re-treat pre-molar 520
  RCT re-treat molar 770
  Implant consultation 120 – (guide price 2000 for implant and crown)
Aligner Consultation 60 (free for Invisalign, but 250 nonrefundable deposit if proceeding)
Invisalign Aligner (Guide Price) 3100
Inman Aligner (Guide Price) 1700-1800
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