Anxious/Nervous patients

We understand that for some, the idea of a visit to the Dentist can be enough to make them put up with bad teeth. Whatever troubles you, we don’t want you to feel that nothing can be done.

Our treatment rooms are all located in a peaceful setting, and we never do anything without making sure you are comfortable, and ready to go ahead.

We can explain (or not if you’d rather not know) what we need to do to help, and discuss ways to enable you to be treated.

If you feel at any point that you need to stop, we will.

Just let us know when you make your appointment.

Injections and painkillers

We will normally use a combination of techniques and painkillers to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
Sensitivity to pain varies, so we are careful to check first that the pain medication has reached the right level, and we monitor your comfort throughout the treatment

Some patients prefer not to use painkillers or use as little as possible, and provided that your dentist feels the treatment can be carried out safely, you are free to make that choice.

Patients with particular needs

If there is something particular that you need, whether it’s a soothing sound or music to take your mind off things, or help with a disability of some kind, please ask.

New Patients
We are taking on new NHS and Private patients during 2019.
Please give us a call, visit the practice or

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Wyndcott is fully accessible, including a ramp and wide doors to reception, surgery and WC. The centre is on one level.

We are located close to Swanley town centre in a stress-free environment, with easy access by Car, Bus or Train. Parking facilities are free, and the nearest bus stop is less than 1 minute away.


Wyndcott Dental Centre, Birchwood Park Avenue, Swanley, Kent.

Opening Hours
This week:
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM to
6:00 PM*
Private appointments/IMOS
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM**
*Not all dentists are available at these times.
**Dr Bhunjun is available for private appointments from 9-1, Dr Neto is available for Implant appointments 9-5.