About Wyndcott

What we are

Wyndcott is a Private Limited Company. We operate Wyndcott Dental Centre in Swanley.

Registered Office: Dental Centre, Wyndcott, Birchwood Park Avenue, Swanley, Kent.

Directors: Shruti Chopra, Rishi Chopra, Radhika Chopra.

Our NHS services

Our Swanley practice is contracted by the NHS to provide General Dental Services between 9AM and 5PM Monday to Friday. We also hold a separate contract to provide specialised extraction services to patients within NHS Kent boundaries.

Vocational Training

Wyndcott Dental Centre is a Vocational Training practice. Any Vocational Training dentist is fully U.K. qualified before starting any training at Wyndcott.

Dentists and treatment staff

All treatment staff (dentists, nurses, etc) are registered with the General Dental Council, in the UK. Our staff are UK qualified and we provide their qualifications for your information.

How long has the practice been running ?

The practice was originally established in the 1960s by Dr Quick and Dr Smart. In the 1970s Dr Cording came to the practice and formed a partnership with Dr Dent. The practice continued under their control until the late 1990s when Dr Dent left to take up private practice. Dr Bhunjun joined Dr Cording, eventually taking over the practice in 2007. During that time it has been modernised, given improved accessibility, and now provides additional facilities. From April 2017 Dr S.Chopra, R.Chopra and R.Chopra own the practice with Dr Bhunjun and our other associates continuing on as before.

New Patients
We are taking on new NHS and Private patients during 2019.
Please give us a call, visit the practice or

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Wyndcott is fully accessible, including a ramp and wide doors to reception, surgery and WC. The centre is on one level.

We are located close to Swanley town centre in a stress-free environment, with easy access by Car, Bus or Train. Parking facilities are free, and the nearest bus stop is less than 1 minute away.


Wyndcott Dental Centre, Birchwood Park Avenue, Swanley, Kent.

Opening Hours
This week:
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM to
6:00 PM*
Private appointments/IMOS
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM**
*Not all dentists are available at these times.
**Dr Bhunjun is available for private appointments from 9-1, Dr Neto is available for Implant appointments 9-5.