A full privacy notice including details of the data we hold, what it is used for, where it is sent, your rights regarding the data and who to contact in the event of a query can be viewed by clicking here. A summary of the privacy notice is given below.


Wyndcott Ltd holds data about you including your contact details, medical details, clinical notes from examinations and treatment, payment records, appointment records, correspondence between us, and if you were referred elsewhere correspondence between Wyndcott Ltd and other services you were referred to. We also hold data exchanged with dental laboratories about items made for you by them as part of your treatment. All of this information is used for the purposes of providing your treatment.

Information about you is stored in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations. It is only accessible to members of our staff who require access, and who have been CRB/DBS checked. We only use the information we store in relation to your dental treatment.

In accordance with GDPR, patients have rights in relation to the data we hold:


Email communications

Wyndcott Dental Centre collects and uses your email address in order to send you reminders about appointments and NHS Friends and Family Test surveys.

Please do not send confidential or sensitive information to us via email. We cannot guarantee the security of email communications. If you do send information to us, this will be considered as permission for us to continue a conversation by the same method.

While every care is taken to correctly enter your email address, it is very important that you write carefully – it is easy to misread an email address which could result in your reminders being sent to the wrong person. In particular, please be careful with the following characters: . _ –


SMS communications

Wyndcott Dental Centre collects and uses your mobile phone number to communicate with you about apointments. We also invite you to take NHS Friends and Family Test surveys from time to time.

If you change your number, we will continue to send messages to the old number until we are updated by you. This could lead to appointment information being sent to the wrong person. If you do not want us to send SMS messages to your mobile number, please leave the SMS box on your medical history form blank.




We rarely send any marketing information, however, if you would like to receive information about special offers, please tick the box on your Medical History form (see above). You can change this preference at any time by calling, writing, emailing, or asking in person.


Is my information shared with any other party ?

Your personal information is shared with the NHS by secure means if you are an NHS patient. This is a mandatory requirement of providing NHS services.

If your treatment requires something to be made for you, such as a crown, denture or other appliance, then we will send your name (or where possible a unique reference number), and details of the work required to a dental laboratory in order to have it made.

If you are referred for treatment to another provider, then we will send your personal information to that provider in order for them to process your referral and contact you. If you have given us permission to use unsecured email for this purpose, we may send your information by this method.

In order to protect your data against loss, we regularly backup all information. All backups are strongly encrypted so they cannot be read by any other party. We store copies of the encrypted backups offsite within the EU only, to ensure maximum protection under EU data protection law.

What if I ask for my information not to be shared with any other party ?

You have the right to refuse or restrict processing. The result of this overall is that we will be unable to provide NHS care and may be unable to provide any treatment depending on the treatment needed. We do not share your information for the purposes of marketing. For more information about who we share your information with ahd why, please read our full privacy notice here.

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Wyndcott is fully accessible, including a ramp and wide doors to reception, surgery and WC. The centre is on one level.

We are located close to Swanley town centre in a stress-free environment, with easy access by Car, Bus or Train. Parking facilities are free, and the nearest bus stop is less than 1 minute away.


Wyndcott Dental Centre, Birchwood Park Avenue, Swanley, Kent.

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**Dr Bhunjun is available for private appointments from 9-1, Dr Neto is available for Implant appointments 9-5.